Anglican Lingo

Here are some things it might be handy to know: 

Anglican Church: also called the Church of England in England and the Episcopal Church in the USA.

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Hymn: a song about God or being a follower of Jesus. Some are very old and traditional; some more contemporary

Psalm: (pronounced sarm) There are 150 psalms in the Bible and they are poems and songs, all written before Jesus was born

Altar: the table where the bread and wine are set for Communion

Font: bowl where children or adults are baptised (=christened)

Priest: person who has been called, trained and educated to be a leader in the church

Offertory: the money people give for the church (also called giving or offering)

Sunday School: during school term time children can go out to the hall with a couple of adult leaders for part of the service and enjoy some child-focussed activity

Holy Communion: may also be called the Eucharist (which means ‘celebration’) or The Lord’s Supper. Before Jesus died, he shared bread and wine with his friends and said we should do the same to remember him; so Holy Communion is the central act of worship for Anglicans (and others). The priest gives each person a little piece of wafer, and those who choose may take a sip of wine as well.

The Bible: is actually a collection of books. Some are poetry, some history, some are letters; and the Bible contains four Gospels, in which the authors write about Jesus. We divide the Bible into Old Testament and New Testament; all the books in the Old Testament were written before Jesus was born and some are very ancient. The New Testament books were written after Jesus died. During our church services we generally listen to a piece from the Old Testament; a Psalm; a piece from the New Testament; and a piece from one of the Gospels.

Sermon: thetalk following the Bible readings