Children during services

Sunday School is held in the hall during the 9.30am service

Those children who wish to stay with their parents can enjoy Godly Play resources in the church – explore and reflect as they listen to the services.

Children also actively participate by reading prayers and playing music at all-age services on 5th Sundays (next one 30th April).

What happens at Sunday School?

Young parishioners wait with adults on arrival at church, then as the first hymn begins they process in together behind the cross. After a blessing, they go to the hall* for discussion and reflective work, returning again in time for Holy Communion. We explore many different topics. without telling our young parishioners what to think or what to believe – we encourage them to wonder and to develop their own relationship with God at they choose to. We speak about the sacred stories, the parables, the saints, how the church works, Jesus and his disciples, liturgical symbols, and how to take to contemplate whatever they want to wonder about. We sometimes use Godly Play – a friendly and engaging method of teaching traditions and sacred stories for all ages, encouraging children to think about God in their own way.

* Adults are encouraged to join their children if they need support staying settled.

2023 Feb to May

TRANSFIGURATION19-Feb-23Alex WDessie THoly Baptism
Lent 126-Feb-23Selena TRuth OLent – what it means
Lent 205-Mar-23Dessie TJosh CThe Ten Commandments
Lent 312-Mar-23Alex WHelen KThe Apostles’ Creed
Lent 419-Mar-23Selena TNikki Ltba
Lent 526-Mar-23Ken L-SLiz FWhat is Palm Sunday about?
Palm / Passion Sunday02-Apr-23ALL AGESERVICEAll-age service of the palms
Easter Day09-Apr-23Selena TNikki LEaster
Easter 216-Apr-23Alex WMargaret Ctba
Easter 323-Apr-23Dessie TJosh Ctba
Easter 430-Apr-23ALL AGESERVICEAll-age service
Easter 507-May-23Dessie TLiz Ftba
Easter 614-May-23Karen CGeraldine Ttba
Easter 721-May-23Liz FKen L-Stba
Pentecost28-May-23Alex W(needed)Mystery of Pentecost (Godly Play)
Trinity04-Jun-23Nikki LJosh Ctba

Other topics we will cover:

All Saints
– the Saints & Prophets

– What is Palm Sunday about?
– Crosses – meaning and use in the church (there is a G.P. story)
– The Mystery of Easter (G.P. story)
– The Faces of Easter (G.P. story)

Wondering about life:
– Affirmation – we belong and are loved (Supp story: baptism)
– Courage – God made us brave. (Supp story: The Good Shepherd)
– Love – how to remember we are loved despite the Valentine’s / commercial hype
– What do we do when the bad guys win and why doesn’t God stop the bad stuff?
– Loving our enemies. How do we love those who are difficult to love? (Supp story: Good Samaritan)

Ordinary Time:
– The Prophets
– The Fishermen
– Jesus & the Twelve
– Music workshop – piece for All Age svc

Sacred Stories – there are Godly Play resources for these if required:
– Creation
– Flood and the Ark
– The Great Family (Abraham)
– Exodus
– Ten Best Ways
– Exile & Return
– Ark and the Tent
– Ark & the Temple

Parables – there are Godly Play resources for some of these if required: :
– The Good Shepherd

The Church, liturgy, scriptures, practices:
– How can we use The Bible (Supp story – the ‘Books of the Bible’)
– Symbols of the Holy Eucharist

– Circle of the Church Year
– journaling through advent
– The Mystery of Christmas
– Nativity Play costumes and parts
– Nativity Play rehearsal