Notices 16 Feb

The Lent study will begin on Ash Wednesday.  Everyone is welcome to join the study group after the Wednesday 9.15 services during Lent, study at home on your own, or in groups.  Please let Alex know if you would like a copy of the study printed for you, otherwise we can send you a pdf copy via email.

We have had some kind volunteers offer do the teaching/storytelling at Sunday School.  This means we are half way to reinstating regular Sunday School: we still need one parishioner each week to sit in as support adult (two adults is a ChurchSafe requirement). You are not required to prepare anything at all, do set-up or even participate if you don’t want to; just sit on a chair and share the children’s joy as they learn, wonder and discover.  You would be back in the service in time for Holy Communion. If each of you could do it just once a year, we’d be able to hold Sunday School regularly.  Please put your name down for a date or two on the noticeboard – our youth are vital to the parish.  * They need this and we need them * 

Sign-up sheet at back of the church for helping with:
Ash Wed Service 7pm 22nd Feb – screen, sound, welcomer, sidesperson
– World Day of Prayer – Friday 3rd March at 10am. Our parish is hosting it this year and we need volunteers for sound, screen and playing piano.

Grahame, who was a student in the parish in 2022, God willing, will be ordained a Deacon at a service to be held at St Georges Cathedral, 7pm, on Thursday 23rd February

Chris Albany has sourced some free Covid RAT tests to share with the church.  If you need some, please help yourself at the back of the church. 

Don’t forget to sign up for Shrove Tuesday pancakes – Tuesday 6.30pm – it will be a fun evening.