Update 19 August

Good afternoon friends,

You will find attached a letter and an article regarding the launch this week of the ‘Diocese of the Southern Cross’, which has been reported in the news; I hope it helps to explain the situation and will gladly attempt to answer any questions you may have.

Tomorrow- Saturday- is the Recycling Hub, open from 9 to 11 am; maybe I’ll see you there! Marian will take your recyclables on Sunday following each service if you can’t get to St Nic’s tomorrow.

This is from the Revd. Dr Elizabeth Smith, in response to the events of this week:

It’s a big week in the Anglican Church of Australia. Some people have formed a breakaway church. We can pray for our parish to be a place where everyone will be at home, including LGBTQIA+  people and their families and friends. We can pray for God to give us the kind of unity that shows the love of Jesus for all of us. Here are some prayers that anyone could pray for their local church.

Revd. Dr Elizabeth Smith

God of love, we pray for the unity of your Church in all the world.

God, give us grace to persevere in communion with one another

through differences of opinion on many matters.

Keep us true to the Good News of Jesus Christ, crucified and risen.

Teach us to embrace with joy the diversity you keep on giving us:

women and men, old and young, gay and straight,

people of faith from every race and language and culture.

Show us the face of Jesus in every one of our neighbours. Amen.

God bless,


The Reverend Lorna A M Green