Update 14th July

Good afternoon all, and Happy Bastille Day! Bonne Fete Nationale!

The weather in Paris today is set to be 32 degrees and humid….. Whereas here, the earth is drinking up the rain, and the weeds are visibly growing.

Thank you, everyone who has requested a favourite hymn recently; they are gradually being included on Sundays. Feel free to request more of your favourites!

The Recycling Hub is on Saturday (16th) 9-11am: a brochure is attached. Please save your bottle tops, bread tags, batteries, containers for change etc. and bring them along on scheduled Saturdays OR the following day, following the services. Please don’t bring them and leave them at any other time; if you miss the day, save them at home for the next one. We have nowhere to store them.

Our orange Anglicare Bin is getting regular use, which is great! But again, if the bin is full- and it is emptied frequently- please don’t leave your donations in bags or boxes near the bin or anywhere else. Take them home and bring them another day. Remember that Anglicare can only accept donations of goods that are saleable in their op-shops, so if it is damaged, stained, or bits are missing- it will end up in landfill AND cost Anglicare money for its disposal. Only donate things you would happily give to a friend.

That also includes books for our little library: please don’t leave books that are very old, dog-eared, or only of specialist interest. Do leave books that are in good condition, that you have enjoyed and would like others to read. We hate throwing away books but sometimes have to because they are unsuitable….

How are you feeling about the coronavirus pandemic these days? Are you over it and wish everyone would just get on with being ‘normal’? Or are you concerned for your health or that of others?

The increasing number of infections (certainly under-reported) and hospital admissions tells us that we are certainly not living in a ‘post-pandemic’ time. The pandemic is still with us, still causing people to be ill and still causing deaths. It is understandable that many people are tired of it after all this time: but I believe we must maintain the good practices we previously put in place. In the absence of any government mandate, I as your Rector can only strongly recommend the following:

  • Wear a mask to church, preferably an N95; cloth masks provide very little protection and surgical masks only slightly more and must be worn only once
  • Continue to use the hand sanitiser provided
  • If you are serving morning tea, please wear a mask and disposable gloves.
    • Make sure you wash your hands BEFORE putting on gloves and before touching any crockery, cutlery or food
    • Continue to serve all refreshments from the kitchen servery
    • Put all food containing protein (sandwiches containing eggs, fish or meat for example) in the fridge until ready to serve
    • Use provided disinfectant wipes to clean surfaces
    • Use the dishwasher whenever possible
    • Take home used tea towels for washing

These simple measures can help to protect us and anyone else who is vulnerable, not only from coronavirus but also flu, colds, and gastro viruses.

We can’t avoid all risk- life is risky! But we can go the extra mile because of love for our neighbour.

The Psalm set for this morning was Psalm 34: here is an extract:

Psalm 34

I will bless the Lord continually:

his praise shall be always in my mouth.

Let my soul boast of the Lord:

the humble shall hear it and rejoice.

O praise the Lord with me:

let us exalt his name together.

For I sought the Lord’s help and he answered:

and he freed me from all my fears.

Look towards him and be bright with joy:

your faces shall not be ashamed.

Here is a wretch who cried, and the Lord heard me:

and saved me from all my troubles.

The angel of the Lord encamps round those who fear him:

and delivers them in their need.

O taste and see that the Lord is good:

happy are they that hide in him!

God bless,


The Reverend Lorna A M Green