Update 28 April

Good morning everyone,

It looks as though summer is really over today- dark and wet, but the gardens and parks are loving it!

I was due to conduct a Holy Communion service at Lady McCusker Home in Duncraig this morning but they have had an outbreak of Covid so they are in lockdown; the residents are confined to their houses. Please remember the residents, caregivers and Chaplains at Amana Living  and other aged-care facilities, for whom coronavirus is a real and present danger; and the threat is not only to physical health but to mental health as well, as people are isolated from family and friends.

The Meditation group reconvenes tonight at St Nic’s at 6pm and all are welcome. Contact Grahame Bowland for details Grahame Bowland grahame@oreamnos.com.au

Anglicare Australia has issued a call to the political  parties with an open letter and a media release (attached),  which you may want to use if you have an opportunity to have a good conversation with your local candidates and ask them about housing, poverty and inequality and climate change. The material is also available on the Anglicare Australia website which is https://www.anglicare.asn.au/  

As the federal election approaches we need prayerfully to consider what we expect from government, what questions we may have, and how we will use the privilege of our vote.

We have booked a stall at Poynter Market for Saturday May 28th– a month today. We would like this to be a stall offering activities for children, such as crafts and story-telling. We will need a team to set-up and pack away, as well as people to take part in the activities. Is this something you’d like to be part of? Please let me know.

Have you checked out our website lately? You can find all sorts of information as well as view videos of previously live-streamed services. https://stnicolasanglican.wordpress.com/

Your feedback is welcome and helpful.

If you are staying home and not attending church because of the covid situation please get in touch- I’d love to hear from you. If you are missing having Communion we may be able to arrange a visit, if that would work for you; and let’s hope and pray that soon, when it feels safe enough, we can be together in person again.

A prayer for today

                        God of love,

                        we pray for everyone affected by this global pandemic.

                        We pray for those separated from family, giving thanks that travel is becoming easier;

                        for people experiencing isolation;

                        for people working from home, and learning new ways to work.

                        We pray for all whose work puts them at risk, particularly health and aged care staff members;

                        for people working in schools, customer service and hospitality.

                        We pray for everyone who is  missing the community of the church,

                        and give thanks for the technology and expertise enabling us to live-stream worship services.

                        Bring healing, we pray, to those who are sick;

                        comfort to all who are lonely;

                        and by your grace, enable us to continue in fellowship with you and one another.

                        We ask these things in the name of our risen Lord Jesus, Amen.

God bless,


The Reverend Lorna A M Green