Update 17 March

Hi everyone,

Just a couple of quick things from me.

  • Balga Breakfast Club requires strawberry jam please, so if you can pick up a jar for Sunday that would be grand
  • March 27th is Mothering Sunday: anyone like to make Simnel Cake?
  • There are a few gaps in the roster: we need someone to vacuum & clean the church (not the hall, bathrooms etc- just the church) during the week ending 3rd April. People generally do cleaning on the Friday or Saturday before. Please let me know if you can help.
  • A little way off- during May we need people to go out with the children for Sunday School / Godly Play. Please talk to me or Alex
  • As you know, Alex is our wonderful Admin Assistant. On the front page of the newsletter she has put her work times: she is in the parish office on Tuesday mornings and can also attend to emails on Thursdays and Saturdays. On Sundays Alex comes to church with her family to worship (and she is often working with the children.) If you have an issue or a question PLEASE send an email or call her on Tuesday; if it is really urgent ask me or one of the Wardens. Alex is only contracted to work 8 hours a week and needs us all to respect her Sabbath.
  • As Covid is spreading through WA, please remember to notify me as soon as possible if you should have symptoms or test positive. Your confidentiality will of course be respected; I will need to notify anyone who may have been in the building at the same time so they can watch for symptoms and get tested if required, but there is no need for anyone else to know who the affected person is. My nursing home Eucharist at Lady McCusker has just been cancelled because a staff member has tested positive: please pray for staff and residents in aged care, this is a scary and unsettling time for them.
  • Don’t forget- you can bring your recycling items to St Nic’s on Saturday between 9 & 11, or bring them with you on Sunday. The attached poster tells you what you can bring.
  • Happy St Patrick’s Day!

God bless,

Lorna The Reverend Lorna A M Green