Update 7 March

Good afternoon, friends

I would like to thank Reverend Liz and Reverend Justine who, without much notice, stepped in to celebrate the Eucharist yesterday; and Grahame, who was already scheduled to preach AND serve as liturgical assistant; and everyone who filled in the gaps. I am deeply grateful. My daughter was very unwell and I needed to stay at her place to take care of her and our granddaughter. Thank you for your prayers: she is a lot better, thanks be to God.

The March edition of the Anglican Messenger can be found here: https://www.perth.anglican.org/news-and-events/messenger/messenger-march-2022

You may have wondered how to support people in NSW & Queensland who have lost so much because of the terrible floods: or you may want to help the people of Ukraine. The Anglican Relief and Development Fund Australia has an appeal for each of them, and you can find details here: https://preview.mailerlite.com/g9n0j3j6f5/1896769200161035559/q8w9/

Tomorrow I will be celebrating the Eucharist with residents at Opal Carine Aged Care; new rules are that everyone who visits must take a Rapid Antigen Test beforehand. No doubt you have heard that hospital visiting restrictions have been eased slightly, following the realisation that patients were suffering because they could not see their children / spouse / parents. We need to pray for Health Officers and all who have to make difficult decisions in order to keep vulnerable people safe.

Toddler Jam continues tomorrow from 9:30am; we will need to assess week by week whether to continue, as more people decide they need to stay at home. Craft & Chat from 1:30 Tuesday afternoon.

Some work was done today to facilitate live-streaming of services, but there is still more to do. Please pray that the work continues smoothly, and that we can soon start sharing services with people at home.

If you or someone you live with unfortunately tests positive for coronavirus it is important that you contact me (or a Warden) immediately. It seems that now there are so many people contracting the virus, contact tracing is not happening much, and I will need to contact everyone who was at church (or another group or meeting) to ensure they are aware and can do a test and watch for symptoms. We will also need to do cleaning and to close the building for some days. Remember that you can be infectious for at least 2 days before you test positive or have any symptoms.

It is good to see that chemists and other places have plenty of masks available; N95 (or P2) & KN94 respirator masks are recommended as providing the best protection from coronavirus. Any mask is better than no mask, but respirator masks can be reused and give better protection than surgical masks, which should not be reused, and better than fabric masks. Masks must fit well, without gaps around your face, and must cover your mouth and nose.

The Lent Study Groups continue on Wednesday at 10:45am and 7:30pm; all are welcome. The Meditation Group continues on Thursday at 6pm.

Here is the Collect Prayer of the Season of Lent:

Almighty and everlasting God,

you hate nothing that you have made,

and you forgive the sins of all who are penitent:

create and make in us new and contrite hearts,

that we, worthily lamenting our sins,

and acknowledging our wretchedness,

may obtain of you, the God of all mercy,

perfect remission and forgiveness;

through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

God bless,


The Reverend Lorna A M Green


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