Update 23 Feb

Good afternoon, friends

I hope you are keeping well. The number of people who have tested positive to Covid-19 has increased a great deal today, as you have no doubt heard. This is an anxious time for many, and for different reasons: those who know they are vulnerable and know that catching the virus could be very bad news for them; those who have loved ones in that position; business owners & hospitality workers, wondering how their livelihoods might be affected; people trying to plan weddings or holidays…… in fact, I would imagine that just about everyone has concerns right now. Our granddaughter is in Year 11 and wondering whether her schooling will be interrupted- again; I read that 107 WA schools are already affected by Omicron.

So what is there to smile about, we might wonder? (not that you can see people’s smiles when we are all masked!)

There are many positives: we have a very high rate of vaccination, and vaccinated people are much less likely to become seriously ill; good masks are now easily available, as are Rapid Antigen tests, and these will help us to be safe and to protect others.

The current covid restrictions are not as onerous as they could be: we are able to meet at church for worship, and for those who need to avoid large groups of people, we will soon be able to live-stream services so everyone can join in. We are looking at equipment installation in less than two weeks (please God!).

So here are some reminders:

  • Saturday (26th) 09:30: LA / LPM / Deacon workshop (in the church)
  • Saturday (26th) 11:00: conversation regarding parish stalls at Poynter Market this year (in the church)
  • Sunday 07:30: Said Eucharist
  • Sunday 09:30: Baptism in the Eucharist + Sunday School
  • Monday (28th) 7:30pm: Evening Lent Study (in the hall) All welcome
  • Shrove Tuesday (1st March): 5:30 – 7pm Pancakes under the Patio. Please register or sign up if you haven’t already
  • Wednesday 2nd, 09:15: Ash Wednesday Eucharist, followed (around 10:30) by daytime Lent Study. All welcome
  • Ash Wednesday Service: 7pm
  • Friday 4th , 10am: World Day of Prayer service at St Anselm’s, Kingsley. All invited.
  • Saturday 5th March, 07:30: Men’s Breakfast
  • Sunday 6th: First Sunday in Lent.

Tomorrow evening four people are to be ordained Deacon in St George’s Cathedral. Their names are Rebecca, James, Andrew, and Peregrin (I thought there were 2 women but I was wrong, sorry). Please pray for them, as they are currently on retreat, and for Archbishop Kay.

Here is the Collect Prayer for this week:

Almighty God,

you have taught us through your Son

that love is the fulfilling of the law:

grant that we may love you with our whole heart,

and our neighbours as ourselves;

through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

God bless,


The Reverend Lorna A M Green