Update 19 Feb

Good afternoon everyone,

As you know, the Premier announced yesterday that our borders will re-open on March 3rd, and before that some other restrictions have been put in place.

What this means for places of worship is that as from Monday morning (not tomorrow) we need to observe the 2 square metre rule- which we did a couple of years ago.

This will not limit the number of people who can attend church at St Nicolas’ according to our numbers since Christmas; so everyone who wants to come, can. The limit from Monday will be 90 in the church and 45 in the hall.

So here are The Rules:


  • 2 square metre rule applies
  • Maximum number in Church= 90
  • Maximum number in Hall= 45
  • Check in (use app or paper register)
  • Sanitise / thoroughly wash hands
  • Wear a well-fitting mask
  • Take food & drinks outside
  • Do not enter if feeling unwell
  • Notify the Rector IMMEDIATELY if you should test positive for coronavirus 0474 418 372

Observing social distancing- keeping 1.5m apart- is not mandated but is recommended, so space out in church if you can. Taking morning tea outside under the patio seems to be working well already.

If we move to ‘Phase 2’ and the 4 square metre rule is imposed, that will further limit the number of people we can accommodate in church, and I will of course let you know what that will mean.

I know we have members of our parish family who have been given medical advice to stay home, and I am sure more people will need to stay away from gatherings of people. Live-streaming of services will start just as soon as the equipment is installed and running, which will enable those at home to join in with those able to attend. Please let me or a member of parish council know if you need to stop attending church for a while (so we don’t worry about you!) and let us know if there is any support or help we can provide.

Archbishop Kay sent this to all clergy yesterday:

“No doubt you are working hard to keep all the COVID-safe practices with which we have become familiar over these last two years.  This is now the time to take extra care in our communities, wearing masks, being vaccinated, caring for our people and supporting the vulnerable.

There are already some positive cases in parishes, agencies and schools with a number of people needing to isolate and be tested.  We all expect these numbers to rise in coming weeks. 

Be safe, stay well.”

God of compassion,
you have shown us in Christ
that your love is never ending:
enable us both to love you with all our heart
and to love one another as Christ loved us.
Grant this through our Lord Jesus Christ. 


The Most Reverend Kay Goldsworthy AO | Archbishop


God bless,


The Reverend Lorna A M Green