Mask-wearing & help with the Service WA app

Good afternoon everyone,

As you may have heard, the Premier has announced that from 6pm today mask-wearing is now mandatory at all public indoor settings in Perth and Peel. It does not apply in the home, but does apply in church.

So this week all groups meeting at St Nic’s must require those attending to check in and to wear a mask. Hot weather is forecast from Tuesday on, so unfortunately sitting outside in our lovely patio area might not be feasible. As before, masks may be removed when eating and drinking; if it is too hot to be outdoors then please try to physically distance while not wearing your mask indoors.

I have attached the ‘Guidelines for wearing a mask’ for anyone who would like a copy. If you have difficulty accessing appropriate masks please talk to your local pharmacist; buying masks online can sometimes be more economical, but transport delays need to be taken into account. Let me know if you are having problems obtaining masks.

If you would like some assistance with getting the new ServiceWA app on your phone, which will enable easy access to your proof of vaccination, come to St Nic’s on Saturday 22nd at 2pm and we will walk you through the process. You will need to bring with you your proof of ID: drivers’ licence, Medicare card, current passport or citizenship certificate if you have them. If you have a paper certificate from MyGov we can laminate it for you.

There is no doubt that we are heading for difficult times, and there is still uncertainty as to how our state will manage the kind of outbreaks we are seeing in the Eastern States. Archbishop Kay wrote to all the clergy last week, encouraging us all to get vaccinated and to be pro-active in keeping each other in our parishes and agencies as safe we can. I encourage you to do the same.

Loving our neighbour means loving people who are at risk of severe illness if infected with coronavirus: our elderly or chronically ill neighbour, our neighbour living with cancer, with disabilities, with vulnerable family members. Jesus taught us that community responsibility rather than individual responsibility is his way- we are all commanded to love and care for our neighbour as ourself. During this time of global pandemic this consideration is vitally important.

If you know that you are at risk, please take care; let me or your church friends know if you need to stay at home and would rather not risk coming to church. If you are isolating and need assistance- let us know. If you have neighbours who are vulnerable please (safely!) check on them.

I will do my best to keep you updated as we receive further information and guidance.

Blessings to you all and those you love,

The Reverend Lorna A M Green